Photography Tips

18th May 2020

5 Things I’ve Learnt As A Photographer | Videographer

26th September 2019

How To Be A Property Photographer?

Since I started photography full time, I have noticed a shift in my work. I originally took photos for events and business. Whilst I still do that, a bulk of […]
27th April 2019

Why You Need A Continuous Light?

I recently did a shoot for a new local business called Mamacitas Maternity Dress Hire. They wanted me to take photos of their stock promoting the variety of dresses and […]
22nd November 2018

Rig Photography: What Is It and How It’s Done?

I’m pretty sure you guys have seen it before by other car photographers and on my page. I think rig photos look so cool and adds that sense of speed […]
24th October 2018

My Street Photography Weapon

The life of a always want to have the best of the best with you at all times..wherever you go..whatever you I correct? I think that works for […]